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Dyckman League Wk 8: LIU’s Jared Hall Drops 42

Dyckman League Wk 8: LIU’s Jared Hall Drops 42

(INWOOD, NEW YORK CITY) - We are now into the dog days of August, which means the Dyckman playoffs are on the horizon. Some teams are jockeying for position and others are simply doing all they can to get into the dance.   Monday night, we had arguably the best game of the summer as Heavy Reign defeated Black Ink 96-90 in overtime. This was Black Ink’s second overtime game of the season. Jared Hall (LIU Post ’17) put up a Dyckman season-high 42 points for Black Ink, but it still wasn’t enough to knock down Heavy Reign. Steven “Abby” Ruple Jr. (Adams State ’14) again led the way with a team-high 28 points for Heavy Reign, currently the top-seed in their division.   That game was followed by a The Label forfeit victory over Brooklyn Stompers, a rarity in Dyckman.   Tuesday night we saw yet another dominant scoring performance, this time it was high schooler Omar Silverio. The Class of 2018 guard lit up Final Four for 37 points to give Strictly Business the 75-57 victory. In his two games at Dyckman this season, Silverio is averaging a whopping 28.5 PPG.   Wednesday night we saw defending champions Skull Gang in a must-win game versus a winless Team 914. If Skull Gang loss, their playoff chances were slim to none. Fortunately for them they took care of business and defeated Team 914, 61-50. Jeff Robinson (Seton Hall ’11) led the way with a game-high 23 points and snatching down 11 rebounds.   Friday night, Dyckman Park was on another level. The atmosphere for the high school game was so crazy it spilled over into the College/Pro game. In front of a standing room only crowd, Team Jimmy Jazz defeated the home-team Dominican Power, 78-71. Kidani Brutus (Manhattan College ’12) was lights out from behind the arc, knocking down a total of six three-pointers and finishing with a team-high 24 points for Jimmy Jazz. Gio “Batteries Not Included” McLean (Texas Tech ’17) tried his best to keep Dominican Power in the game but his 26 points were not enough.     Author Miguel Rodriguez has extensive experience covering the Dyckman Summer League     For more basketball news to go

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