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Goodman’s Cool Dads Beat BF Crazies 50-47

Goodman’s Cool Dads Beat BF Crazies 50-47

(BARRY FARM, WASHINGTON, DC) –Last year’s regular season Goodman League champs Cool Dads got their second win of the summer, knocking off the home team BF Crazies, 50-47.   ED led the Cool Dads (2-0) with 21 points and 7 boards. He made the biggest play of the night when he took off for a tomahawk slam, making Goodman League Commissioner Miles Rawls pause the game to acknowledge the high-riser. This is the second straight game ED scored at least 20 points and shot over 50% from the field.   Chris G sparked off the night for the Cool Dads prior to ED's dunk. Chris scored eight of the Cool Dads' first 12 points, three points coming from a tough step back trey ball. But Chris finished the night with only 11 points.   ED's showtime dunk came after a signature crossover play by Aquille Carr aka The Crimestopper. The Crimestopper led the Crazies with 20 points, most of which came from the free throw line.   The Crazies got off to a great start in the first half, thanks to some tough buckets by their three-headed backcourt of Gary Jr., Malcom Jerel, and the Crimestopper. At the end of the first half, the Crazies held a 31-25 lead but it wouldn’t last long.   The Cool Dads opened the second half with a 13-3 run, establishing a 38-35 lead within the first 8 minutes of the half.   At the five minute mark, the game was tied at 40. ED gave the Cool Dads the lead with an and-1 but he missed the free throw that teammate Darren corralled and put in the hole to give the Cool Dads a 44-40 lead with four minutes remaining. The Crimestopper answered with a tough layup two minutes later, putting the Crazies up 46-44.   The final few minutes of the game came down to free throws, and the Cool Dads allowed for the Crazies to stay in it due to their misfiring from the line. The Cool Dads controled the boards though and that was the difference in this game. The Cool Dads outrebounded the Crazies 17-9.   The Cool Dads have only lost one game since last summer and look to be focused on another undefeated regular season. Will they be able to advance deep the playoffs and into the Goodman Finals come August? Stay Tuned!     For more basketball news go to     Author Kendall Hilton, founder of Fan-I Sports Group and, has covered the Goodman League for multiple seasons.  


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