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Barkley: Warriors Are Imperfect Despite Durant

Author: W. Dawkins
Barkley: Warriors Are Imperfect Despite Durant

NBA Hall of Famer and TNT broadcaster Charles Barkley says the star-studded Golden State Warriors, who won a record 73 games last year and added Kevin Durant this offseason, are still a flawed team.


“Can they rebound the ball? They’re going to still be shooting jumpers,” Barkley told reporters at a TNT luncheon. “They’re not going to get any low-post scoring. Can that type of play hold up through the rigors of the NBA playoffs? I’m still going to say the same thing I’ve always said: No.”


Barkley believes these are the same weaknesses that Golden State had last season when they lost to LeBron James’ Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals, despite leading the series 3-1.


“Let me say this: I still think they got some of the same issues this year with that team,” Barkley said.


Las Vegas however doesn’t agree with Barkley’s assessment.


They have the Warriors pegged as odds-on favorites to win the 2017 NBA title.


The “odds-on” designation means that Golden State has a higher than 50:50 chance of capturing the championship, and that if you bet on them you will win less than you wager.


The last team to be such prohibitive favorites were Michael Jordan’s 1997-98 Bulls team, which had won 72 games the previous year.


Take that Charles.



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